2015 South Walton “Sculptor of the Year”

Sand Sculptor Rick Mungeam Receives Top Art Award

2015 South Walton Sculptor of the Year Rick Mungeam of Beach Sand Sculptures

2015 South Walton Sculptor of the Year
Rick Mungeam of Beach Sand Sculptures

Dateline: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Beach Sand Sculptures is honored and pleased to announce Founder and Lead Sculptor, Rick Mungeam (mun-jum) becoming the 2015 South Walton “Sculptor of the Year”! Artists are chosen based on their medium and how well they capture the nature, heritage and beauty of the coastal communities of South Walton County, Florida.

Sand Sculpting as an art form given notice in South Walton County, Florida

Sand Sculpting as an art form given notice in South Walton County, Florida

“This is huge honor for myself and Beach Sand Sculptures,” Rick Mungeam stated exuberantly, “but it is an enormous credit to the 2015 South Walton “Artist of the Year” Judging Panel for recognize sand sculpting as an art form!”

Rick Mungeam and Beach Sand Sculptures plan to assist South Walton throughout 2015 and into the future in as many ways possible to maintain our beautiful beaches while encouraging tourism to our unique coastal communities. Demonstrating and educating about the artistic and extensive methods involved in the creation of professional sand sculptures is a goal. We expect this goal to be greatly assisted by the announcement of this significant art award to Mr. Mungeam as the 2015 South Walton “Sculptor of the Year”.

For more information about Rick Mungeam and Beach Sand Sculptures go to www.BeachSandSculptures.com

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Couples Play Date

Dateline: Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, 30A, Seaside, Florida

Dating Couples, Young Married Couples, Empty Nest Couples, Retired Couples, and Snowbird Couples frequently share the same question; what can we do on a date that is FUN? Couples instinctively know spending quality time together on a date is essential to any relationship. Developing new love or reinvigorating well-seasoned love takes time and energy. Dinner and a movie seldom generate the playful environment couples desire to create fun memories.

According to HelpGuide.org

“Play and laughter perform an essential role in building strong, healthy relationships by bringing people closer together, creating a positive bond, and resolving conflict and disagreements. In new relationships, play and humor can be an effective tool not just for attracting the other person but also for overcoming any awkwardness or embarrassment that arises during the dating and getting-to-know-you process. In longer-term relationships, play can keep things exciting, fresh, and vibrant, and deepen intimacy. It can also help you overcome differences and the tiny aggravations than can build up over time.”


Year round, in Northwest Florida couples are very much in luck when it comes to a fun and intimate activity for a date. The Emerald Coast is one of the few locations in the world where your own private SandCastle Coach will teach professional tips and techniques for building a taller SandCastle (approx. 3 ½” tall). While playing in the sand something magical happens. You will forget about work and responsibilities. You will relax as you begin to play as you once did in childhood with creatively and freedom. The ephemeral (non-lasting) nature of SandCastle building lends itself to releasing our inhibitions as adults. Quietly the cooperative power of “The SandCastle Effect” begins to work its magic as simple childlike joy begins to infuse each moment. The benefits of a SandCastle Lesson Date come complete with memories to last a lifetime and perhaps some pictures that will give all your friends a little “SandCastle Envy”.

Schedule your SandCastle Play Date in Northwest Florida online today – to create memories in the sand.


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Sandcastle lessons; Look forward to your Destin Wedding

Recently while corresponding with a bride-to-be about her wedding activities during her Destin beach wedding, she wrote, ” I’m looking forward to the Sandcastle Lesson as much as I am The vows”. That made me laugh out loud, so I lol’d back a response, but I wondered; how can this be? How could a bride-to-be be looking forward to a SandCastle Lesson as much as taking her wedding vows?

Well (I thought), maybe she’s nervous, weddings take a lot of time and planning or maybe she’s just needing a little fun to counter all the seriousness of a marriage commitment. She’d made a pretty dramatic statement, considering she was comparing her wedding ceremony to learning how to build a sandcastle. “How can this be?s” my reasoning asked again. It could be that she’s the artistic type who desires to show off her talents to her friends and family who would be attending her Destin wedding.or Maybe, for as long as she has dreamed about getting married – she has also dreamed about building a beautiful sandcastle in the sand! Childhood

Regardless of the real reason she allowed me to quote her anonymously. Yet the fact still remains; SandCastle Lessons are something to look forward to. Whether you are a bride-to-be planning your Destin or 30A Wedding or just planning to take a vacation on The Emerald Coast of Florida you can schedule a SandCastle Lesson early so that you too have something every exciting to look forward to.

Beach Sand Sculptures also creates elegant Marriage Proposal and Wedding Sand Sculptures as well as Corporate marketing sand sculptures and Corporate Team Building Events.

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Ultimate Ecotourism Activity

Planning a vacation for an environmentally conscious family can be a daunting task. It seems just the idea of a family vacation could increase your carbon footprint. And will the whole family enjoy an eco-activity. How do I find ecotourism business? Before we can find an ecotourism business we need to know what we are looking for.

There are lot of guidelines and outlines for businesses desiring to offer eco-friendly activities. The phrase “triple bottom line” coined by John Elkington in 1994 gives us a good idea of the three benchmarks used to measure sustainable business. “Essentially, the triple bottom line takes ecological and social performance seriously, building it into a three-part organization model that functions along three axes: people, planet, and profit. In other words, rather than considering only profit in measuring a business’ success, the triple bottom line gets companies thinking beyond money to social and environmental factors as well”, suggests Green Marketing TV in an article titled, What is a Green Business?

According to the previous definition ecotourism activities that are concerned with and positively affect people, and do not damage and possibly even enhance the local/global environment are considered sustainable. Businesses that manage the first two points; people and environment also have to maintain profitability to continue being a Green Business. So there you have it! Where then can such an ecotourism activity be found?

Eco-Friendly and Family-Friendly

SandCastle Lessons are Eco-Friendly

On The Emerald Coast of course

Beach Sand Sculptures is a professional sandsculpting company based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. For several years now they have been playing on the beautiful sugar sand beaches of Destin and South Walton County, using and reusing the same water over and over again to create memories in the sand for family on vacation. These professional beach bums believe they offer the ultimate ecotourism activity in all the US and possibly the world.

It’s not just a SandCastle Lessons . . . it will be a vacation memory to last a lifetime!

Not only do they give “SandCastle Success” to their clients every time, they also create “SandCastle Envy” up and down the beach. “We teach them about tools, give them techniques and mentor them in creating their own 3 ½ foot tall sandcastle tower – first time!” explains owner and Head SandCastle Coach, Rick Mungeam.

Turtle welfare is a huge concern in Florida.  SandCastles are constructed in consideration of the turtle’s role in our ecology. The top lighter sand is used to create stronger more detailed SandCastles without digging hole which may endanger the life of both females and hatchlings alike. The same sand can be infinitely re-used for SandCastle building without any effect on the environment.

The second ingredient in building SandCastles is water. It is the surface tension of water that actually holds the pieces of sand together; just as two plates in a sink of water are sometimes difficult to separate. Water is the magic that allows the construction of taller towers. SandCastle construction takes a considerable amount of water, but gravity drain through the sand and returns it back the emerald green waters of The Gulf of Mexico. Therefore the two natural resources using in SandCastle Lessons; sand and water are always recycled and return to their natural state.

If you remember our three part axes you might be asking the question; what about people? How do SandCastle Lessons affect people. That’s a good and very important question.

When Rick and Capri Mungeam started teaching SandCastle Lessons they were trying to teach people how to build taller more successful sandcastles. Then something very exciting happened. The SandCastle Lessons started getting Tripadvisor reviews expressing something magically unexpected. First, the #1 Tripadvisor Activity in Destin, Florida. Second, the tenor of the reviews continues to be, “Best Family Activity Ever”. This was a pot of gold at the end of a spectacular rainbow.  Not only do SandCastle Lessons utilize the environment in a positive manner, they also provide an exceptionally unique quality family experience that creates family memories like none other. These Tripadvisor reviews have moved SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures to become the #1 Tripadvisor Activity in Destin, Florida thus creating an increased demand for more SandCastle Lessons.

“iI 2013 we could not keep up with the demand – the two of us could only do so many lessons per week”, Mungeam confessed. Rick’s wife, Capri, sadly expressed, “It was heart breaking to turn people away because we knew how great the experience would be for their family”. To meet the need in 2014, the couple hired and trained several new SandCastle Coaches who provided the same tips and techniques to give families “SandCastle Success” and cause “SandCastle Envy”, and therefore turning The Emerald Coast beaches a whole lot more GREEN.

For more information on SandCastle Lessons and to Schedule your own ecotourism activity go to www.BeachSandSculptures.com




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The ABC Essentials to a Marriage Proposal

Popping the Question

The ABC Essentials to a Marriage Proposal




A)  Ambiance

We all know when planning an engagement proposal the essential atmosphere must be elegant romance.

B)  Be Quiet – !Surprise Her!

This is a MUST, it’s the name of the game. This is THE ONLY TIME it’s okay to lie and she will be willing to instantly forgive you – so make it GOOD!

C)  Create the Story you want told, and retold

“When considering a proposal, think about what it will be like to rehash the way it went down for the rest of your life,” says Jon Finkel in How To Propose,The Ultimate Proposal Guide. Few time in your life will you choose in advance what you are going to do and say for a moment in your life that you and your future wife will talk about – FOREVER! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, she might even blog about it. This is a pivotal point in your life – the way your friends and your girlfriends friends, your family, her family and your future children will think of you is entirely in your hands at this moment. In a very subtle way the way your propose might even be more important than the actual wedding. You have one shot – make it memorable!

A Marriage Proposal  Sand Sculpture will fulfill all the criteria; The sunset beach, walking hand in hand, the water rhythmically caressing the shore (Romance Scale – a good 7).  Now as she dreamily looks down the beach she notices, “Something in the sand”. Lead by curiosity and wonder an elegant sand sculpture draws her near.  This is something special, someone went to a lot of work, this is BEAUTIFUL (Romance Scale nearing 9). She loves the idea of such a romantic gesture and as she thinks how lucky the girl must be you can hear a nearly inaudible exhaled, “oh”.  You begin to “count the ways” you love her. She is confused, she doesn’t understand what’s happening. This gorgeous sand sculptures has her name of it! You quickly pull out the black velvet box and drop to one knee. Her brain has now caught up with reality. In an instant she understands; you are proposing to her, you are asking, “Will You Marry Me?” She has now become the luckiest girl on the beach, she is the recipient of the treasured love she was just moments earlier wishing she had – have now become all her own (Romance Scale – Off the Chart!). Every girl dreams of being the object of this kind of love, TRUE LOVE. A marriage proposal made made with sand is truly the stuff of a girls dreams.  And you, still on one knee with diamond ring extended, are the ONE (Da Man) who did this for her! FOR HER! She’s gonna say, “YES”.

Marriage Proposals are honestly our favorite sand sculptures to create.  We don’t claim to know everything about romance and love, we are very much like the writer of Proverbs 30:18-20 who stated that “the way of a man with his girl” falls into the category of too wonderful for me and something I do not understand.  What we do know is; love is precious. We also know, after almost 30 years of marriage, is that keeping love alive , doing those special things, going the extra mile for your spouse, and creating special memories are very important. Not always easy, but very much worth the time and effort in the long run. And isn’t that what we are shooting for?


We’ve got your back, Man! This is not our first rodeo. Rick personally walks you through the whole process. He will talk with you about your ideas and along with his experience the two of you will come up with a design that is both unique and fits your budget. Email Rick@BeachSandSculptures.com today with your phone number


Starting at $500.00, our base sand sculpture, on the beach, requires 2 people 4-5 hours to complete (a total of 8-10 man hours) and hauling water, right around 1 ton, up from the Gulf in 5 gallon buckets.  We will maintain security of your sand sculpture until you arrive. Candid photography of your Romantic Sand Sculpture Proposal can be arranged for $100.00 (digital with no photo processing – electronically available).



How To Propose, The Ultimate Proposal Guide

The 10 Commandments of Popping the Question


For more information on Marriage Proposal Sand Sculptures contact info@BeachSandSculptures.com


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SandCastle Lesson turns around Teen

We’ve tried and tried to blog about how SandCastle Lessons impact the family. Yet, never could we tell the story the same as this young man, in his own words.

SandCastle Lesson Fun

SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures are fun or ALL

“Fun For All”
5 of 5 stars5 out of 5 Stars on Tripadvisor in Destin, Florida
This was not what I expected when my mom told me we were spending the afternoon building a sandcastle. Honestly, I was not happy about going and didn’t think she was serious. After all, what 18 year old guys want to build a sandcastle with their family? Well when the day came I had a surprise…she was serious. I had a negative attitude and thought the whole thing was stupid. My attitude changed when I met Rick. He was so cool and funny and before I knew it we were knee deep in sand and having fun. We had a great time and it was a totally different experience. Rick is a great guy with a great sense of humor and he made it all the more fun. Teenagers, do not knock this until you have tried it. I promise you, you will have a great time!

Thank you Bryce, your honesty and encouragement is priceless!

To learn more or schedule a SandCastle Lesson go to www.BeachSandSculptures.com

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What SandCastle Lessons REALLY do for your family

Beach Sand Sculptures gives your family something more than just a SandCastle Lesson

When Rick and Capri Mungeam decided to teach SandCastle Lesson they were just looking for a fun way to play on the beach. Their intent was to teach people how to build taller sandcastles. With instruction in basic Granular Engineering and kitchen utensil usage their clients successfully gained “SandCastle Success”. Other beach-goers were amazed at the 3 ½ foot tall sandcastles constructed by novice sand architects. SandCastle Lessons became a hit and the Mungeam’s company Beach Sand Sculptures became an instrument of fun for everyone on the beach.

Little did they know something EXTRAORDINARY was happening during these SandCastle Lessons. The first clue came when Beach Sand Sculptures received one of their first travel reviews, the title of which is, “Best Family Activity Ever!” The couple was honored to have provided this family with an experience this particular parent believed to be the “Best Ever” for their family. Capri remembers the privilege of saying, “Wow, that’s huge, that’s a really big deal for this family”.

The SandCastle Effect

Beach Sand Sculptures give your family much more than a SandCastle Lesson

5 Star Review after 5 Star Review from families who expressed the identical sentiment about their SandCastle Lesson with Beach Sand Sculptures;  “The Best Vacation Activity we have ever done as a family”. Knowing families were being blessed from this unique quality time, Rick and Capri worked to add humor, education, fun and opportunities for family bonding to their SandCastle Lessons. Yet, the couple remained unsure of what to call the phenomena until recently.

Coined Phrase:

Steven Gaffney is a leading expert on honest interpersonal communication, influence, and leadership. In his 2009 article titled “The Sandcastle Principle” he retells a story of the thoughts he experienced as he watched some children building a sandcastle on a beach in Mexico.  “The children were clearly having great fun. I surmised the whole project had taken hours.” When he returned to the beach at sunset the children’s sandcastle was gone without a trace. The following day;

“Again I saw the same children playing in the sand. They were laughing and seemed to be having just as much fun as the day before. There was no mention that their great sandcastle was gone. No tears of sorrow that all their hard work was washed away. No complaining about how life could treat them this way. No moping around or bellyaching about how great yesterday was. Then it dawned on me how these children could teach us all something – a very important life principle. .  .”

Gaffney expands,

“As adults, we work so hard each day, investing our time, effort, and creativity in many projects and priorities – some of which remain and some of which get washed away. But the truth is that what lingers long after the priorities and goals are or are not achieved are the memories we have of our interactions with others. Hence the Sandcastle Principle.

Beach Sand Sculptures realized first- hand the reality of the Sandcastle Principle, but for them and especially the families they teach SandCastle Lessons to, the benefits are farther reaching than a principle, so it is now referred to as the SandCastle Effect.

Beach Sand Sculptures is a professional sand sculpting company based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. You can obtain the SandCastle Effect through their year round SandCastle Lessons. They also create elegant marriage proposal and wedding sand sculptures, corporate team building events, corporate marketing sand sculptures, birthday, anniversary, party, festival and event sand sculptures; on and off the beach, table-top size to 100s of tons  www.BeachSandSculptures.com

Article Reference:

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Florida Snowman

Florida Winter Vacations are not just for Snowbirds

While on vacation in mid October, Rick and Capri Mungeam of Beach Sand Sculptures found this determined Snowman along a Colorado country road, after enjoying a delicious pizza at the Larkspur Pizzaria & Cafe. As he pleaded for a ride to Florida, this sand sculpting couple knew, with the help of  their nearly 3,000 Facebook fans, together they could virtually assist this frosty fellow to the warmer beaches of NW Florida. On Oct 16th the following post was made.

Snowmen desiring Florida Winter Vacation

Snowmen desiring Florida Winter Vacation

Betty was the first generous Beach Sand Sculptures Fan to give this still frozen gentleman a lift from Colorado all the way to the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains where he left a bit of moisture on the floor-boards of the mini-coach of Rocky Top Tours in Tennessee.  The Following day he was sighted near Amsterdam, NY., teasing the animals at Adirondack Animal Land. Heading south the traveling Snowman was spotted in Fredricksburg, Virginia where he took some exercise walking in the gardens of the Gari Melchers Home and Studio at Belmont.  Oct 18th was so much fun, the Snowman nearly lost his focus on his Florida winter vacation, when he stopped over at the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center to meet up with the UPIKE Girls of The University of Virginia’s College.  Drawn by pictures of white sand beaches on facebook pages such as 30A and DestinShines the Snowman strengthened his fortitude to carry on. Photos of Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson standing near a large puddle of water at Tuscaloosa Amphitheater in Alabama.  circulated on the internet. We strongly suspect the Snowman got just a little close to the spotlights . . .  and well. . . you can just imagine. From Tuscaloosa, Destin is a virtual hop, skip and a jump away and all down hill, so the watery remain of the snowman were reported by Cathy, “He’s here now . . melting of course :)” Oct. 21st, near Destin, Florida.  In just 7 days, 223 people virtually translated (via facebook sharing) this traveling Snowman to his desired location on The Emerald Coast of NW Florida.

Mid November Beach Sand Sculptures discovered the Snowman taking a dip in the beautiful Emerald waters near the Pier on Okaloosa Island, just west of Destin. Using the Snowman’s melted snow (aka water) Rick Mungeam of Beach Sand Sculptures reformed the snowman into a Florida Gulf Coast beach body with quick work during a SandCastle Lesson. The now Sandman will continue to be available for photo ops throughout the winter months along the snow white beaches of Destin and 30A. To schedule your photo op (aka SandCastle Lesson) email info@BeachSandSculptures.com

Snowman takes Florida Winter Vacation

Snowman takes Florida Winter Vacation





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Cyber Monday: SandCastle Lessons for Christmas

Give Memories in the Sand for Christmas

SandCastle Lessons create Family Memories

SandCastle Lessons create Family Memories

Do you or someone you know vacation on the beautiful white sand beaches of The Emerald coast of Florida? Areas such as Destin, Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach, Sandestin, the South Walton Beaches, the coastal communities along Scenic Hwy 30a, and Panama City Beach?

If so, consider giving the priceless gift of family memories for Christmas this year. Beach Sand Sculptures now offers gift certificates perfect for Christmas gift giving. SandCastle Lessons have become a 5 Star activity and the #2 Tripadvisor Activity in Destin, Florida. The reviews state, “The best family activity ever”, “Do NOT miss the chance to take a sandcastle lesson!”, and “the best activity we have ever done in the area”.

For more information click on SandCastle Lessons.

To purchase your Memories in the Sand gift certificate for SandCastle Lesson with                                 Beach Sand Sculptures email Rick@BeachSandSculptures.com

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Christmas Card Photo Ops

SandCastle Lessons: A Christmas Card Photo Opportunity

Create a new Holiday Family Tradition with www.BeachSandSculptures

Create a new Holiday Family Tradition with www.BeachSandSculptures

Begin a new Holiday Tradition. Create a unique family memory and a perfect opportunity to capture your family for your Christmas Cards with a SandCastle Lesson from Beach Sand Sculptures during the holiday. During an educational and entertaining 2 hour SandCastle Lesson your family will learn the basics of granular engineering. The end result will be a SandCastle standing approx. 3 1/2 feet tall! Snowmen, faux snowcovered Christmas SandCastles, Nutcrackers, Christmas Trees, and Presents are just a few ideas to get you started. This Five Star Activity is sure to leave your family and those receiving your Christmas Cards amazed at your new skills. The beaches of Destin and the beach communities along Scenic Hwy 30A add the unique distinction with their snow-white sand, adding to your Christmas Card pictures the festive holiday look of snow – without the cold!

Time is limited, schedule your SandCastle Lesson today; Info@BeachSandSculptures.com


2012-11-23 Yolo Best BSS Odyssey



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