Realizing the very short amount of time we, as American, spend with our children on vacation may help us prioritize vacation experiences in creating memories to last their entire lifetime.

According to CBS News,

“The average American worker is entitled to 16 days of paid leave. But the length of an average vacation lasts just over four days.”

Using these numbers the average American child might spend a meager 4 – 5 days of vacation a year with their parents. From ages 0 to 18 years old (during their youth), children spend less than 100 days of vacation with their parents. These statistics fall far behind our European counterparts.

Just taking vacation, begins to be re-evaulated, when the benefits are explored. Benefits of vacation for children begin and end with family bonding. Children who spend more time with their parents are typically healthier and happy. Like adults, children get a chance to relax and recharge during vacations. Sometimes the simple change of pace vacation causes allow a re-focusing of priorities and may cause increased self-reflection leading to greater self-confidence. Vacations also allow a child’s social awareness (i.e. cultural differences) to increase as they explore new locals and cultures as they witness how people live differently, eat differently, and even play differently than they do. Vacations offer experiences outside our comfort zones. These new opportunities can play a role in increasing a child’s natural sense of adventure and exploration.

Capitalizing on vacation time has become increasing important to families, especially American families. Planning vacations to incorporate whole family activities is vital. Choosing experiences each family member will thoroughly enjoy and remember is sometimes a challenging. Capri Mungeam, Co-Founder at Beach Sand Sculptures,

“Not many people have had success in building awesomely tall (over 12” tall) sand castles on their own. So a grandfather, his adult daughter, and her 10 year old son are pretty much on a level playing field when it comes to building sand castles. In a 2-hour SandCastle Lesson we give your family “SandCastle Success” by learning to build sand castles 3 1/2 feet tall! When your family castle sits regally on the beach others up and down the beach will come to “Ohhhh and Ahhhh and Wowww”, wanting to take photo (as if they built it themselves), and asking all kinds of questions. This causes the family to become the SandCastle Rockstars on the beach. SandCastle Lessons are a somewhat magical and extremely unique opportunity for family bonding – Creating Memories in the Sand – is what we call it”.

To learn more about SandCastle Lessons along The SandCastle Coast (aka The Emerald Coast of Florida) visit or read through the Tripadvisor reviews placing SandCastle Lessons as a #1 Outdoor Activity in Destin, Florida. SandCastle Lessons are a popular year-round activity – to assure your desired date and time booking well in advance is strongly suggested (especially during summer vacation).

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