Be a SandCastle RockStar – in a 2 hour Lesson

Be a SandCastle RockStar – in a 2 hour Lesson

SandCastle Lessons are a unique 2-Hour experience for the whole family; recommended for kids and adults. Working together on one big project, your SandCastle RockStars will create a masterpiece to make everyone on the beach jealous; we call this “SandCastle Envy”.

RockStar? REALLY?

Oh YES! SandCastle ROCKSTARS! During your SandCastle Lesson, as you turn sand into art, your family will learn; about the special properties of sand and water, professional tips and techniques, some must-have skills, and maybe even a few AHA! moments too. This information and these skills will allow your family to build 3 ½ foot tall sand castles – worthy of the bragging rights they will earn! Beachgoers will stop to ask questions and take pictures of your SandCastle Masterpiece – making each member of your family – a SandCastle RockStar!

Your SandCastle Coaches will meet you at your beach location and bring everything you will need to learn how to turn sand into a RockStar SandCastle!

2018 RockStar SandCastle Lesson Pricing

  • 1-5 people      = $220.00
  • 6-10 people    = $270.00
  • 11-15 people  = $320.00
  • 16-20 people  = $370.00
  • >20 people = Large Group Pricing is available


Beach Sand Sculptures is a professional sand sculpting company creating projects for any and every event imaginable. Annually teaching hundreds of SandCastle Lessons, Beach Sand Sculptures is the world’s largest and most experienced sand castle lessons company. Creating Memories in the Sand . . . to Last a Lifetime – with your precious family.

Things-To-Do Destin/Miramar/Sandestin/Fort Walton Beach and South Walton/30A Communities

New Years Resolution to Experience

New Years Resolution to Experience

SandCastle Lessons - A Whole Family Experience

Experience SandCastle Lessons

New Years Resolution to Experience

We’ve been hearing about the need and desire for an “experience” as the next step in consumer behavior for 20 years now. The idea behind the Experience Economy has been research by many and e first coined as a phrase in a 1998 article written by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore. Pine and Gilmore expressed the idea of the world economy progressing through a kind of evolution of stages; agrarian, industrial, service and now experience.

Such as any human activity, change begins slowly as the value of experience developed. Not yet fully formed, seeking expression, slowly the developing demand has begun making it’s presence known. This is where we find ourselves today, being educated on the idea – experiencing the concept if you will.

1998 – Welcome to The Experience Economy, B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, Harvard Business Review

2013 – Why are Experiences Often Better Purchases than Things?, Art Markman, Ph.D,

2008 – Experiences Beat Possessions: Why Materialism Causes Unhappiness, PSYBLOG

2017 – (Don’t) Buy Experiences, Not Things, JoJoBoBo,

Twenty year of education is plenty. Let’s put this education to work!

Let’s make a 2018 New Years Resolution to Experience, and don’t just experience by yourself – it’s some much MORE FUN when you experience with family and friends. Make plans now to EXPERIENCE something in 2018!


Capri Mungeam is the VP and Marketing Director of Beach Sand Sculptures, the world’s largest sand castle lesson company located on the SandCastle Coast (aka The Emerald Coast of NW Florida). She and her husband, Rick, have created a unique whole family experience while teaching professional tips and techniques of building 3 1/2 foot tall sand castles. Creating Memories in the Sand . . . to last a Lifetime  www.SandCastleLessons.Info


2018 Summer Jobs on the beach in Destin, Florida

2018 Summer Jobs on the beach in Destin, Florida

Job (no experience necessary) – Destin, Miramar, Fort Walton Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, South Walton, 30A, Panama City Beach (near Niceville, Defuniak Springs, Freeport, Navarre, Crestview, Lynn Haven) – Northwest Florida

SandCastle Coach                                                                                                                          No experience necessary – Your Potential is What We Need

Join a Winning Team

Join a Winning Team

Position: SandCastle Coach Full Time Wage: Starting $10.00/hour, bank Tips, and Incentives.

Beach Sand Sculptures is currently accepting applicants for this sandsational opportunity. Join a winning Team, who knows how to have fun. Experience purpose and passion as you help clients “Create Memories in the Sand” through quality family based SandCastle Lessons – now that’s rewarding! Oh and did I mention; this company has a very cool culture!

Location: A mobile business servicing the beaches of Northwest Florida – Fort Walton Beach, Destin, 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City Beach.

Requirements: Reliable transportation, Smartphone with internet service, full of potential, likes outdoors/beach, can lift 50 pounds, available 4 days a week, 9am-6:30 pm.

Online Application: Go to – we look at EVERY application!

“Seriously (I) never had a job I enjoyed this much” ~SandCastle Coach



Suh Millenniums – This job is W your OTP, This narrative is Hundo P, get respek, get a new aesthetic, ship the beach sis?, TD, SNATCHED, look’in for stan? No extras

Emerald Coast Realtors: a Closing Gift to Remember

Emerald Coast Realtors: a Closing Gift to Remember

by Capri Mungeam – Marketing/VP, Beach Sand Sculptures

Realtors on Florida’s Emerald Coast, just like any other location, sometimes struggle to find just the right Closing Gift for their clients.

Closing gifts not only serve as a nice gesture on a happy occasion, but they can also leave a lasting impression upon the buyers and sellers who receive them. ~LighterSide for Real Estate

The idea of leaving a lasting impression can sometimes be muddled. The unusual and un-necessary may have an end result of – un-used. A better approach is perhaps – Uniquely useful.

The Emerald Coast’s new homeowners are excited about their newly acquired slice of paradise. It goes without saying that most buyers purchased a home in this locale for the pursuit of the coastal lifestyle. They look forward to creating memories envision quality time with family and friends in the beautiful white sugar sand along our gorgeous Emerald Coast beaches.

These beachy buyers with their aspirations of a new coastal lifestyle are prime for a sensational . . . or rather a SAND-sational Closing Gift. A Closing Gift that is unique, a one-of-a-kind experience giving them a skill set they didn’t even know was available. A Closing Gift which gives the new homeowners a beachy avenue for creating memories with their family and friends for year to come – and treasure forever!

A Closing Gift to Remember; A SandCastle Lesson  . . .  Yes! Its a real thing and your clients will love it!

Year Round – 2 hours of family fun, skills acquisition, and edu-tainment. 3 1/2 foot tall sand castles, arches, carving, professional tip and techniques. 5 Bubble Rated, Certificate of Excellence TripAdvisor Activity. Read a few Reviews       This is Magical!

2018 Prices

$220.00 = 1-5 people        $270.00 = 6-10 people          $320.00 = 11-15 people          $370.00 = 16-20 people          large group pricing is available

Suggested 15-20% Gratuity not included may be added to Gift Card

Merchandise (Optional) 

SandCastle Tool Kit = $45.00         SandShapers = $15.00 [/box]

Gift Card or Call 303-681-2631                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Choose any day – your client will choose a date and time when scheduling their SandCastle Lesson

Based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Beach Sand Sculptures is a professional sand sculpting company  creating projects for any and every event imaginable. Annually teaching hundreds of SandCastle Lessons™, Beach Sand Sculptures is the world’s largest sand castle lessons company.                     Creating Memories in the Sand . . . to Last a Lifetime.
Travel Influencers

Travel Influencers

Looking for an unique offering for your #family #travel #blog? Interviews and photos are readily available. Your followers will love this experience. For more information contact us

Job Opening: SandCastle Coach – Destin, Florida

Job Opening: SandCastle Coach – Destin, Florida

Teach SandCastle Lessons

Destin – Fort Walton Beach – Santa Rosa Beach – 30A – South Walton – Northwest Florida #HelpWanted #JobOpening

YES this really is a job and its really FUN!

Beach Sand Sculptures is currently accepting applicants for this sandsational opportunity. We are seeking team players, who know how to have fun. We give our clients a quality family based experience which creates memories they will keep the rest of their lives — now that’s rewarding!

Hiring Seminar: in April
Beaches: Fort Walton Beach, Destin, 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, Northwest Florida
20 Positions: SandCastle Coach Full Time Seasonal – Tips and Incentives
Requirements: No experience necessary — we train, reliable transportation, fun, motivational, demonstrates a willingness to help, great customer service and hospitality skills, flexible, diverse, looking for something unique and rewarding.
Duties include: Creating Memories in the Sand by teaching our #1 Tripadvisor Activity – SandCastle Lessons. Become a member of a growing, values based company with a very cool culture!
Download: Go to Employment Application -> download, complete, and follow the directions at the end of the Employment Application.


Unique Christmas Stocking Stuffers – SandCastle Lessons

Give Vacation Memories for Christmas

Does someone on your Christmas List vacation in Destin – Fort Walton Beach – or along the beaches of Scenic Hwy 30A in South Walton, Florida? Then we have the PERFECT Stocking Stuffer! SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures.

Ahhh just go ahead – give your family a SandCastle Lesson Gift Certificate for Christmas then you will have to go the The Emerald Coast for vacation, right! Give your family the gift of vacation memories with such a remarkable experience they will remember it for a very long time. SandCastle Lessons are the #1 Tripadvisor Outdoor Activity in Destin, Florida and your family definitely needs to experience this activity for themselves.

” . . .will definitely recommend this to everyone.”

“(A SandCastle Lesson) Is definitely on our itinerary for our next trip.”


” . . .  worth every penny”

Invest in memories to last a lifetime, invest in an quality family experience they will talk about for years, Invest in your family with a positive, wholesome, award winning experience you will all treasure.

For more information on SandCastle Lesson and Gift Certificate go to


SandCastle Lessons Expand on Florida Beaches

SandCastle Lessons Expand on Florida Beaches

SandCastle Lessons Expand

SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures; The #1 Tripadvisor Activity in Destin are now available in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. They now provide a unique family bonding experience to vacationer along on Okaloosa Island (aka Fort Walton Beach, Fl) on the Emerald Coast on the Florida’s panhandle.

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. — Beach Sand Sculptures has adding an additional stretch of beautiful Florida beach to their available locations for SandCastle Lessons. Daily, visitors along Okaloosa Island (Fort Walton Beach) are captivated by the sand castles that spring up as a result of SandCastle Lessons. According to sources, people love this experience and describe it as educational and memorable; a must do activity.

Fort Walton Beach –  Okaloosa Island are gorgeous and their white sand beaches are great for building sand castles. Described as the “best family activity ever!”, Sand Castle Lessons have joined the fun filled activity line ups in each location. Rick Mungeam, the CEO of the company said, “Fort Walton Beach is a beautiful vacation destinations. SandCastle Lessons are adding something distinctive and truly memorable, and we have received a great reception with this new location.”

A SandCastle Coach will meet clients at their resort beach, with all the tools and equipment necessary to teach “SandCastle Success”. The 2 hour lesson begins with a demonstration of tools and their usage. Sandcastles that stand approximately 3 ½ feet tall frequently cause “SandCastle Envy”.  People have described this quality activity as the highlight and crown jewel of their family vacation.  A father from Little Rock, Arkansas expressed, “We were completely amazed. Now we can create sandcastles like the pros. Make sure to purchase the sandcastle tool kit so you can create after your lesson. Let’s face it, what we remember most about vacations are unique and interesting experiences. My family is still talking about it! We highly recommend it for anyone. Worth every penny!”

Okaloosa – Fort Walton Beach SandCastle Lessons is service of Beach Sand Sculptures, a professional sand sculpting company. Fort Walton Beach, is conveniently reachable from Navarre, Pensacola, and Orange Beach (AL). Beach Sand Sculptures’ services include; marriage proposal and wedding sand sculptures, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, team building, advertising in the sand, as well as corporate sand sculptures for marketing, trade shows, festivals, and special events.


Beach Sand Sculptures                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                303-681-2630
Book Online @

Where did you get the Sand? FAQ #20

Yes people really do ask this question, and you might too if you happened upon a 4-5 ton sand sculpture on the beach standing 6 feet tall.

A:  . For those of you who really must know, the answer is – from the beach. The trick is to shovel the sand from the top layer of sand without digging a whole. There is plenty of sand available on most beaches to build huge sand sculptures without digging any holes.

PS. Holes, and especially tunnels in the sand are VERY – let me emphasize EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Every year children and adults are killed by the sheer weight of sand when it collapses in a tunnel. Many people walk on our beach, lifeguards and other enforcement officers ride the beaches on ATV sometime at night.  Holes create the danger of twisted or broken legs or ankles and possibly a vehicle accident. Holes also cause life threatening obstacle for newly hatched turtles returning to The Gulf of Mexico. Build taller sandcastle but please do not dig holes.where-sand-2

Beach Sand Sculptures Shovels up Records in 2014

sandcastle_kit_752654_origTwo Thousand Fourteen was a busy year for owners, Rick and Capri Mungeam, of Beach Sand Sculptures. During the cooler winter months the Mungeams and their son, Marcus, began the strategic planning to move Beach Sand Sculptures to the next level.

Capri sadly expressed, “It was heart breaking! During the summer of 2013 we regretfully turning away hundreds of families who wanted to experience SandCastle Lessons, because we physically could not teach any more lessons.”  Rick leaned forwards to explain, “To meet the demand – we had to take Beach Sand Sculptures to the next level. We had to grow from owner/operators to employer/trainers”.  It’s been a year of very steep learning curves for these entrepreneurs, but just as they have created a prominent Professional Sand Sculpting Company from mere sand and water, the couple rose to the occasion in 2014 as well.

Facebook “Like”s

Facebook has been a very fun way for Beach Sand Sculptures to connect and establish relationships with their clients and followers = 4200+ Facebook Fans in 2014. It seems everyone loves Beach Sand Sculptures.

The Premier SandCastle Lesson Company in the World

The totals are in. Over 3000 people enjoyed the experience of learning to build a taller sand castle with Beach Sand Sculptures; grandparents, parents, children, teens, families, groups, friends, family reunions, wedding parties, birthday parties, newly engaged couples, you name it, they took SandCastle Lessons. The newly trained SandCastle Coaches not only taught 400+ SandCastle Lessons they helped each family/group create vacation memories to last lifetime. These numbers have sculpted Beach Sand Sculptures into the world’s premier SandCastle Lesson Company!

A VERY Romantic SandCastle Company too

14 Marriage Proposals Sand Sculptures was another record for 2014. Romance was in the air – or should we say – Romance was in the sand! A few weeks during the Spring and Summer these beautiful “Will You Marry Me ______?” Sand Sculptures were “Popping The Question” nearly twice a week to sweetly surprised, unsuspecting ladies.

The Best Job on The Beach

An extensive interview process was created for selecting just the right people to become SandCastle Coaches.  Rick Mungeam stresses, “The enthusiasm of our SandCastle Coaches is crucial in creating the fun and interactive SandCastle Lesson experience our clients have come to know.  It was vitally important to hire employees who were fun and energetic to carry on our tradition as a 5 Star rated activity. Beach Sand Sculptures was successful in creating a fun and memorable employee culture too; one SandCastle Coach enthusiastically stated on social media, “This is the BEST job I’ve ever had!”

Seasonal Permanent Locations in NW Florida

Through gracious arrangements with two well-known resorts, Seascape Resort in Miramar Beach and Visionary Destin, another new exploration for Beach Sand Sculptures in 2014 was the development of 2 Seasonal Permanent Locations.  These two exclusive locations enable clients to take a SandCastle Lesson at a central location.  Pricing for Permanent Location SandCastle Lessons is reduced from every popular Mobile Unit SandCastle Lessons.

Destin’s Tripadvisor #1 Activity

Through the gracious reviews of clients Beach Sand Sculptures has been rapidly moving up the Destin Tripadvisor Activity listing since 2012. In July the Crown Jewel of Beach Sand Sculptures 2014 Record Breaking Year was the honored elevation of becoming the #1 Tripadvisor Activity in Destin, Florida. “With the competition in Destin we NEVER expected to even reach the top 3. Our clients have handed this distinct honor to us with their 5 Star reviews”, Capri praised. The Mungeams credit their SandCastle Coaches strongly in the attainment of this prestigious honor as well.

Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel site offering trusted advice from real travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features.

On to 2015

Beach Sand Sculptures expects another Record Breaking Year in 2015. Their quest for additional #1 Tripadvisor Listings will continue. Plans to utilize opportunities, created from Rick Mungeam receiving the 2015 South Walton Sculptor of the Year award, should grow and enlarge throughout the New Year. Expansion to offer SandCastle Lessons on more beaches along the Gulf Coast and beyond may be certain. Meeting the ever growing demand for the experience of SandCastle Lessons and creating vacation memories to last a lifetime will continue to be at the top of Beach Sand Sculptures list in 2015.

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