SandCastle Lesson Pricing and Group Size
  • Gratuity not included 
  • 1-5     people = $220.00
  • 6-10   people = $270.00
  • 11-15 people = $320.00
  • 16-20 people = $370.00

Children 4 and Under FREE with a participating Adult = 18 yo.  See Adults Required – not for children alone below. Any additional person(s) participating exceeding booked group size will be charged to your booking.  Large Group Pricing Available

Determining Group Size

To determine your group size;

  •  Count the number of children who are 5 to 17 year old who will be participating
  •  Count the number of adults (>18 yo) who will be participating
  •  Children <5 are not counted in your group size. However, their participating adult will be counted.
  •  Adult active participation is required see FAQ – Adult Participation Required (below)

Participation Notes: 

  •  Anyone (adult or child) >5 who participates in the SandCastle Lesson in any way will be added to group size.
  •  Lanyard are essentially your ticket for your SandCastle Lessons (given by your SandCastle Coach). Lanyards are not to be shared. 



Why should we take a SandCastle Lesson?
Why take a SandCastle Lesson?

  • Bigger is better – Lots of people take SandCastle Lessons to learn how to build taller sandcastles and that’s a great reason. The average tower height is 3 1/2 feet tall.
  • Fun – Some people think their kids will have fun and most certainly will – these lessons are fun, educational and entertaining, but sometimes the adults have more fun than the children!
  • The UNEXPECTED – The unexpected results are so much more than just building a tall sandcastle. We’ve dubbed the unique experience gained by a family taking SandCastle Lessons as “The SandCastle Effect”. The SandCastle Effect is a unique experience caused by quality family time, centered on a fun activity where everyone is participating and engaged.
  • Memories – There are very few activities families can participate in as a group, and even fewer where everyone in the family can actually participate in and thoroughly enjoy at the same time. Combine this cooperative family bonding along with other beach goers stopping to OHHH! and AHHH! over the family’s SandCastle; It’s the perfect combination for lifelong memories. And after all – isn’t that why people take family vacations?
  • It’s all the rave – The SandCastle Effect is the reason why SandCastle Lessons are a 5 Star Activity, a “Recommended Business” on Tripadvisor 2014, and Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2015 and 2016!
What is a SandCastle Lesson?

What is a SandCastle Lesson? 

Everyone builds a sandcastle sometime in their lives, but for most of us, we want to know how to build BIG castles, learn new sculpting techniques, or take our craft to another level.  You will learn professional sandcastle-ing tips and techniques in a 2 hours SandCastle Lesson. Your SandCastle Coach(es) will meet you on your beach to demonstrate tools and their usage, and how much water to add. Use your imagination to create your very own masterpiece by beginning with an approximately 3 1/2 feet tall Sand Sculpture or SandCastle. Sure it’s fun in the sand and sun, but you’re also creating a heavy dose of “SandCastle Envy” on the beach with your newly acquired sand sculpting skills during this unique family experience. These are just a few of the reasons why SandCastle Lessons are The #1 TripAdvisor Outdoor Activity in Destin, Florida!

What is the rule of thumb on Tips/Gratuity?

Tips/Gratuity are greatly appreciated. Pricing does not include gratuity – please consider graciously tipping your SandCastle Coach(es)! They work very hard to create fresh memories in the sand with your family. But these skills do not always come naturally. They constantly investigate new sculpting methods and techniques and are always upgrading their craft even when they are not with groups. They will be hauling water, shoveling sand, and mentoring your family to “SandCastle Success”. For any sort of custom service like this one, a cash tip from 15% – 25% is welcome. Coaches will split the tip – unless otherwise given separately. Thank you!

What happens when it rains or questionable weather is ahead!?

RAIN and other questionable weather?

  1. Please understand that we do have everyone’s safety in mind when we are making decisions about rain/weather.
  2. The day of your SandCastle Lesson (between 9:00-9:30 am) your SandCastle Coach(es) will make contact (call and/or text) with the number provided on the booking.
  3. Your SandCastle Coach(es) will make a decision about the weather at the time of the Lesson (after the weather has been analyzed). Your SandCastle Coach may place your Lesson on a 15-30 min Weather Delay in the hope the weather will pass and still give you a compete SandCastle Lesson. A SandCastle Lesson is deemed complete when the demonstration portion has been provided. The “demonstration portion” of a SandCastle Lesson is defined as the initial pound-up and carve, of the demonstration tower.
  4. When a lesson is canceled due to weather, we: (a) first attempt to reschedule the lesson, OR (b) refund the client.

Whole or Partial Weather Day Cancellations

Occasionally, The SandCastle Coach experiences day long weather patterns which are not conducive to Creating Memories in the Sand with SandCastle Lessons. Beach Sand Sculptures has developed a system (based on the forecast) to determine the safety of your SandCastle Lesson. Decisions based upon a forecast are not always perfect.

Whole or Partial Weather Day Cancellations are made at least 2 hours before the time of the SandCastle Lesson. The decision to cancel prompts an email with further information, to the email address on your booking. Please make sure the email address on your booking is the best email address to reach during your vacation. When a SandCastle Lesson is canceled due to weather, we: (a) first attempt to reschedule the lesson, OR (b) refund the client.

Outside 48 hours

If you believe the forecast indicates the day of your SandCastle Lessons will not be ideal for Creating Memories in the Sand and it is not less than 48 hours to booked time of your Lesson, you may (per availability) make a change to your booking date and/or time. Please see the Policies page for more information. Less

Okay, I'm in. When should we schedule our SandCastle Lesson?

When should we schedule our SandCastle Lesson? 

Scheduling a SandCastle Lesson at least 3 weeks in advance will help ensure a reservation for “The Best Family Activity Ever” ~ TripAdvisor Review. SandCastle Lessons are typically booked out 2 weeks in advance, but please go ahead and check availability if you just learned about us while on vacation because we might be able to arrange something for you. We have not earned our TripAdvisor rating of Excellence by sitting on piles of sand!

Hey, I cannot access a certain day on the schedule. What gives?

What does it mean if I cannot access a day on the schedule? 

When dates or time are not available on our calendar, they are simply not available because they are booked or not available. We’re sorry to say that we do not maintain a waiting list and because this is such a great event, very rarely do we have a cancellation. Keep checking for another time when we can serve.

How long is a SandCastle Lesson?
How long is a SandCastle Lesson? 

SandCastle Lessons are two hours long. The first 30-45 minutes are a demonstration of tools and techniques – It is fun, interactive, and educational. Over the remaining time, we mentor each person in your group while they build an approximately 3 1/2 foot tall sand tower. Most people create a copy of our sandcastles, but we do have some who get creative and turn them into crayons, bananas, toilets (yes, I said toilet), rockets, machines, birds, etc. The only limit is your imagination.

When and where do we take SandCastle lessons?

When do we take SandCastle lessons? 

Think about taking your SandCastle Lesson early in your vacation. This allows the family to practice the carving skills through the whole time at the beach. Who knows what kind of memories – in sand – a family could create in just one vacation! Lessons times are: 10:00a-12:00p, 1:00-3:00p, and 4:00-6:00p ~ Sunday is our day of rest (and boy do we need it after hauling tons of sand). We meet you on your beach within our service area (See the FAQ – Where are SandCastle Lessons offered? and What is a Mobile Unit?).

Who will be in our SandCastle Lesson?

Who will be in our SandCastle Lesson? 

SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures are private events. Therefore, only people from one group or family will participate in the lesson. We make sure that your are given our attention when on site!

Who should participate?

Who should participate? 

SandCastle Lessons are so much more than just the tools and techniques of creating taller sandcastle. We offer an experience that few family activities create. This is an opportunity to learn and work together on something a family. Everyone on the beach and those who see your photos will be amazed and inspired at what you create.

Therefore, we suggest that the whole family participate to experience this quality family time activity together and be part of the memory making. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because we are so sure your family will have a great time. Please see our company policies regarding booking size.

Who is too young for a SandCastle Lesson?

Who is too young for a SandCastle Lesson? 

Only the parent of the young child can answer this question. We have witnessed the entire continuum: from adults and college students who could not follow directions (surprise, surprise), to 2-year-old’s who were completely engaged throughout the entire class. Any person who is self-controlled enough to respect another person’s sandcastle – no matter the skill level – is welcome to participate. Children 4 and under are free with a paying adult. An adult is at least 18 years of age.

Adults Participation Required - not for children alone

Adults Participation Required – not for children alone   

We specialize in a whole family experience. When the entire family participates something truly sandsational happened – you might even call it MIRACULOUS! SandCastle Lessons are a quality time where everyone puts down their electronics and engage to create a unique work of art – sure to be admired by other beach-goers. This opportunity to invest in your children will be an experience they will always remember and treasure the rest of their lives. Therefore, we require at least 1 participating adult and/or 1 participating adult per 5 children. All children 4 and under are free with their own participating adult (two 4 year old’s = 2 adults). An adult is at least 18 years of age. Participation is defined as the act of taking part, involvement, getting the hands sandy, joining into the SandCastle Lesson.

Where are SandCastle Lessons offered?

Where are SandCastle Lessons offered? 

SandCastle Lessons are a unique service only offered in a few locations around the world.

We are in northwest Florida: 

A) DESTIN AREA – Destin, Miramar Beach, Sandestin

B) FORT WALTON BEACH – Okaloosa Island, accessible from Navarre and Pensacola, FL 

C) SANTA ROSA BEACH – South Walton County, Scenic Hwy 30A, Dune Allen, Gulf Place, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Watercolor Guests (serviced at Van Ness Butler Jr Regional Beach Access), Seaside, Seagrove, Seacrest, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, and Inlet Beach, Florida.

D) PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA – serviced at 438 South Orange Street, Inlet Beach, Fl 32413 book 30A/South Walton/Santa Rosa Beach.

What is the Mobile Unit?

What is the Mobile Unit? 

I’m glad you asked.

When you schedule a SandCastle Lesson a Mobile Unit comprised of the SandCastle Coach(es) and their gear will meet you at your public or private beach. Currently, here are our mobile unit teams:

  1. Destin/Miramar Mobile Unit – along beaches of Destin, Florida (Okaloosa County) to the beaches just East of Destin in Miramar Beach, Florida (South Walton County). Miramar beaches include such resorts as Sandestin, Hilton, Tops’l, and Seascape.
  2. Fort Walton Beach Mobile Unit – the beaches of Okaloosa Island. These beaches are within driving distance from Pensacola and Navarre, Fl.
  3. 30A Mobile Unit – Includes the 16 Coast Communities of South Walton (Santa Rosa Beach); Dune Allen, Gulf Place, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove, Seacrest, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, and Inlet Beach.
  4. Panama City Beach Mobile Unit – serviced at 438 South Orange Street, Inlet Beach, Fl 32413 book 30A/South Walton/Santa Rosa Beach.
Will it be challenging?

Will it be challenging? 

Let me ask, have you EVER created a 3 1/3 foot tall sandcastle? We teach “SandCastle Success” and create a bit of “SandCastle Envy” on the beach! It does take some work, shoveling sand, hauling water and following directions, but the results will be amazing! In our experience, EVERYONE will have an awesome time! 

What can we build?

What can we build? 

Uh, a SandCastle. But, you can get more creative if you like. Each person, unless people choose to work together, will build their very own approximately 3 1/2 foot tall sand tower. Most people create a sandcastle from this sand tower, but we do have some who carve a crayon, banana, toilet (yes, I said toilet), rocket, machine, bird, etc. The only limit is your imagination.

If you desire to have a professional sand sculpture created for you then this is a different service. Our pricing for on the beach sand sculptures built by our professionals for your promotion or special event starts at $500.00 Please contact us for more information on that.

What should we bring?

What should we bring? 

Our team will supply all the tools and equipment. All of our beaches are stocked with plenty of available beautiful sand and the Gulf of Mexico continues to provide ample, if not copious, amounts of water (our two main ingredients). We do sell a SandCastle Tool Kit available for $45.00 to continue honing your sand sculpting skill after a lesson.

Bring the basic essentials for the beach: towels, sunscreen, swimsuit, a hat and sunglasses for everyone (this is important as our sand is very reflective), drinks, and possibly food if you are planning an all-day outing. Everyone in the SandCastle Lesson will potentially get wet – dress appropriately (wait, what? I’m getting wet at the beach?). We do encourage our clients to have some cash for gratuity for their SandCastle Coach(es). We do not require tipping, but it is the coaches’ way of obtaining feedback on their ability to provide your family with a fun and memorable experience – they usually see upward of 20% in gratuities.

What's in the SandCastle Tool Kit?

What’s in the SandCastle Tool Kit? 

This is the best thing about the whole experience because you’ll have the tools you need and you’ll know how to use them. And, you’ll be able to keep making sculptures after our coaches are gone. When purchased online with a Lesson, the SandCastle Tool Kit will be delivered at the SandCastle Lesson. Did I mention that these can work with snow?

  • 1- 5 gal H2O Bucket
  • 1- 5 gal Form Bucket
  • 1 Small White Form Pail
  • 1 Small 2 1/2″ Shovel
  • 1 Pastry Spatula
  • 1 Melon Baller
  • 1 Paint Brush
  • 1 Spray Bottle
  • and 2 Straws
Where do I meet my SandCastle Coach?

Where do I meet our SandCastle Coach? 

The morning of your SandCastle Lesson your SandCastle Coach will typically text you, between 9:00-9:30 AM at the phone number provided on your booking. Please make sure the number on your booking is the best number to reach you on the day of your Lesson. Your SandCastle Coach is your contact person for the day of your Lesson. They plan to meet you at your beach location (generally on the beach) approximately 10 min. before the start of your lesson in order to get setup and begin on time.

Where do you get the sand?

Where do you get the sand? 

Yes, really. People really do ask this question. For those of you who really must know, the answer is – from the beach. The trick is to shovel the sand from the top layer of sand without digging a hole. There is plenty of sand available on the beach to build huge sand sculptures without digging any holes.

P.S. – Here is today’s safety warning. Holes (especially tunnels) in the sand are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Every year children and adults are killed by the sheer weight of sand when it collapses in a tunnel. Many people walk on our beach, lifeguards and other enforcement officers ride the beaches on ATV sometimes at night, holes create the danger of twisted or broken legs or ankles and possibly a vehicle accident. Holes also cause life-threatening obstacle for newly hatched turtles returning to The Gulf of Mexico. Build taller sandcastle but please do not dig holes.

How long will our SandCastle last?

How long will our SandCastle last? 

Sandcastles are held together by the surface tension of water. You know when you’re washing dishes and two plates stick together under the water? It’s the same thing. The water creates enough tension between the particles to keep it together. However, when the water dries out, the surface tension is removed. The speed at which a sandcastle dries out depends greatly on the weather and a bit upon the type of sand. On The Emerald Coast of Florida, a sandcastle can remain for nearly a week on the beach when it’s left alone. The greatest enemy of any sand sculpture is the human of little or no self-control (usually a human male species between 4-8 years of age). Do not leave your sandcastle unattended and expect it to still be standing when you return. Digital photos will assure your sandcastle will last forever.

From personal experience, the “SandCastle” becomes a memory that resides in your mind and even in some hearts long after the physical castle has been washed away. I have seen a crusty old man put down his cigarette, smile and say, “now that was fun.”

How many gallons in a 5-gallon bucket?

How many gallons in a 5-gallon bucket? 

(add snickering in the background) We’re amazed at the answers we get to this question when we ask it. This is not a trick question. There are 5 gallons in a 5-gallon bucket 

SandCastles and Sea Turtles = Friends

SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures educates about Sea Turtle safety.

Beach Sand Sculptures is VERY concerned about the safety of all our endangered Sea Turtles. Your SandCastle Coaches actively educate about the dangers of digging holes in the sand for Sea Turtles and human in every single SandCastle Lesson. Many/Most people believe sand castles require moats or holes in the sand . . . this is just not true! SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures teach and use the top layer of sand (it’s better) from the whole area around the SandCastle not just at the base of the castle. This prevents dangerous holes.  

Why we don’t dig holes during a SandCastle Lesson?

Sea turtles do not have the ability to back-up. So imagine a 300 lbs. female loggerhead turtle encountering a 4 ft across 3 ft deep hole in the sand, in the middle of the night, as she has come up on the beach to lay her eggs.  She falls/crawls into the hole head first and she’s stuck. Additionally, baby turtles who have hatched can get caught in these holes and become prey for large birds and other predators. 

Do we have to tear down our SandCastle?

There are no ordinances along The SandCastle Coast (aka The Emerald Coast of Florida) that require tearing down your sand castle when you leave the beach. Our Beach Sand Sculptures Research Team has found no evidence has ever demonstrated anything different than; SandCastle without moats or holes are TURTLE SAFE! Naturally occurring high dunes, beach ledges (many feet tall) left from tide/current changes, and beach height changes are easily navigated by sea turtles. Your 3 1/2 ft tall SandCastle (without a moat) is TURTLE FRIENDLY. 

Team Building Events and other Profession Sand Sculpting Services

Team Building Events and other Profession Sand Sculpting Services 

These services include Marriage Proposals, your company logo in the sand, and business events to shape your team by using a sandcastle building session. For more detailed information and to discuss, just email us at

Large Group SandCastle Lessons Pricing

Large Group SandCastle Lessons Pricing 

For Groups of twenty (20) or more people, email us at

I have a different question!

What should I do if I have a question that was not answered in your FAQ’s?

Please forward your question to We are probably out building SandCastles but we’ll get back to you soon.

Feel free to email us at if you have a question not contained here.

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