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SandCastle Team Building Events

Unique SandCastle Team Building Experience!

Corporate or Small Business and Any Sized Company in Between

Treat your employees to some time on the beach with a fun filled Team Building Event! You are looking for a unique team building experience your employees will not just learn from but REALLY remember and treasure. An activity that will forever imprint on the hearts and minds how much they are valued and how much fun their work can be. Beach Sand Sculptures can help you make this happen; we meet your corporate group at your location and bring all of the equipment necessary to help your employees to experience Team Building with a whole new medium – SAND. While they are playing in the sand your Team will be provided with detailed demonstrations and mentoring throughout the experience. Communication and team building principals are conveyed while working together as a team to create improved communication techniques and “SandCastle Success”.

The Team Building Process

Corporate Logo Sand Sculpture
Your group will be welcomed to this unique experience by a professional sand sculpture of your corporate logo. Your logo in the sand exemplifies the importance of the event and the creative possibilities you desire your employees to explore. This sculpture will be utilized throughout the event for photo opps your Team; photos they may very well treasure, the rest of their lives!

Sand Sculpting Demonstration and Team Building Workshop
The beach is always a fun and exciting place for learning and education. The sand sculpting demonstration is both, educational and entertaining. Corporate and teaching backgrounds allow us to educate your group with the importance of simple team building principals.

flyteuv team building

Team Building Exercise; Sand Sculpting Contest
Setting up your Team Building Event as a Sand Sculpting Contest, frequently, stirs up a little “friendly competition”. These Team rivalries help create stronger bonds within each team. Teams might be given free reign for creativity or sand sculpture design criteria may be give for a theme for the two hour sand sculpting competition. Beach Sand Sculptures helps facilitate teamwork and enjoyment, by provide mentoring and guided assistance during the event.

Judging and Awards Presentation
Awards might be given on leadership, brainstorming, delegation, communication as well as execution of sand sculpture creations. This is a Team Building Event, we encourage upper management leadership to help oversee and judge the event as well (if they don’t participate). This conveys a leadership understanding and approval by participating employees.

Photography Opportunity with Corporate Logo Sand Sculpture
Your company sand sculpture provides an opportunity for the entire group to gather around the company logo as a united team. A treasured memory will be captured when team awards are photographed using the company sand sculpture. This may also be a marketing opportunity to capture the company logo in the sand for future use . . . Sand-vertising as we call it.
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