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SandCastle Lessons - Press Kit

An inspiring story of a couple who, when given sand, turned it into SandCastle Lessons

Looking for something unique, educational, interesting, or just plain fun to share with your viewers on a television, video, blog, website, magazine, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms? It's all right here! A dislocated couple finding themselves with nothing more with sand. Knowing from experience that when life give you lemons we should make lemonade; they did likewise, and began making sandcastles. Now their SandCastle Lessons offer a unique whole family bonding experience along of Northwest Florida. A portion of sugar sand beaches they call The SandCastle Coast. Their's is an inspiring story of victory through hardship with the result of blessing families with something more precious than gold - Creating Memories in the Sand to Last a Lifetime. Photos and interview available upon request

How SandCastle Lessons Got Started (5:23 min)