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2015 South Walton "Sculptor of the Year"

Sand Sculptor Rick Mungeam Receives Top Art Award


Dateline: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Beach Sand Sculptures is honored and pleased to announce Founder and Lead Sculptor, Rick Mungeam (mun-jum) becoming the 2015 South Walton “Sculptor of the Year”!

Artists are chosen based on their medium and how well they capture the nature, heritage and beauty of the coastal communities of South Walton County, Florida

Rick Mungeam 2015 South Walton Sculptor of the Year Award

“This is huge honor for myself and Beach Sand Sculptures,” Rick Mungeam stated exuberantly, “but it is an enormous credit to the 2015 South Walton “Artist of the Year” Judging Panel for recognize sand sculpting as an art form!”

Rick Mungeam and Beach Sand Sculptures plan to assist South Walton throughout 2015 and into the future in as many ways possible to maintain our beautiful beaches while encouraging tourism to our unique coastal communities. Demonstrating and educating about the artistic and extensive methods involved in the creation of professional sand sculptures is a goal. We expect this goal to be greatly assisted by the announcement of this significant art award to Mr. Mungeam as the 2015 South Walton “Sculptor of the Year”.

For more information about Rick Mungeam and Beach Sand Sculptures go to