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Emerald Coast Realtors: a Closing Gift to Remember

greenlee family
by Capri Mungeam – Marketing/VP, Beach Sand Sculptures

Realtors on Florida’s Emerald Coast, just like any other location, sometimes struggle to find just the right Closing Gift for their clients.

Closing gifts not only serve as a nice gesture on a happy occasion, but they can also leave a lasting impression upon the buyers and sellers who receive them. ~LighterSide for Real Estate

The idea of leaving a lasting impression can sometimes be muddled. The unusual and un-necessary may have an end result of – un-used. A better approach is perhaps – Uniquely useful.
The Emerald Coast’s new homeowners are excited about their newly acquired slice of paradise. It goes without saying that most buyers purchased a home in this locale for the pursuit of the coastal lifestyle. They look forward to creating memories envision quality time with family and friends in the beautiful white sugar sand along our gorgeous Emerald Coast beaches.
These beachy buyers with their aspirations of a new coastal lifestyle are prime for a sensational . . . or rather a SAND-sational Closing Gift. A Closing Gift that is unique, a one-of-a-kind experience giving them a skill set they didn’t even know was available. A Closing Gift which gives the new homeowners a beachy avenue for creating memories with their family and friends for year to come – and treasure forever!
A Closing Gift to Remember; A SandCastle Lesson  . . .  Yes! Its a real thing and your clients will love it!
Year Round – 2 hours of family fun, skills acquisition, and edu-tainment. 3 1/2 foot tall sand castles, arches, carving, professional tip and techniques. 5 Bubble Rated, Certificate of Excellence TripAdvisor Activity. Read a few Reviews       This is Magical!

2018 Prices

$220.00 = 1-5 people        $270.00 = 6-10 people          $320.00 = 11-15 people          $370.00 = 16-20 people          large group pricing is available
Suggested 15-20% Gratuity not included may be added to Gift Card
Merchandise (Optional) 
SandCastle Tool Kit = $45.00         SandShapers = $15.00 [/box]
Gift Card or Call 303-681-2631                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Choose any day – your client will choose a date and time when scheduling their SandCastle Lesson

Based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Beach Sand Sculptures is a professional sand sculpting company  creating projects for any and every event imaginable. Annually teaching hundreds of SandCastle Lessons™, Beach Sand Sculptures is the world’s largest sand castle lessons company.                     Creating Memories in the Sand . . . to Last a Lifetime.