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New Years Resolution to Experience

SandCastle Lessons - A Whole Family Experience
SandCastle Lessons - A Whole Family Experience

Experience SandCastle Lessons

New Years Resolution to Experience

We’ve been hearing about the need and desire for an “experience” as the next step in consumer behavior for 20 years now. The idea behind the Experience Economy has been research by many and e first coined as a phrase in a 1998 article written by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore. Pine and Gilmore expressed the idea of the world economy progressing through a kind of evolution of stages; agrarian, industrial, service and now experience.
Such as any human activity, change begins slowly as the value of experience developed. Not yet fully formed, seeking expression, slowly the developing demand has begun making it’s presence known. This is where we find ourselves today, being educated on the idea – experiencing the concept if you will.
1998 – Welcome to The Experience Economy, B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, Harvard Business Review
2013 – Why are Experiences Often Better Purchases than Things?, Art Markman, Ph.D,
2008 – Experiences Beat Possessions: Why Materialism Causes Unhappiness, PSYBLOG
2017 – (Don’t) Buy Experiences, Not Things, JoJoBoBo,
Twenty year of education is plenty. Let’s put this education to work!
Let’s make a 2018 New Years Resolution to Experience, and don’t just experience by yourself – it’s some much MORE FUN when you experience with family and friends. Make plans now to EXPERIENCE something in 2018!
Capri Mungeam is the VP and Marketing Director of Beach Sand Sculptures, the world’s largest sand castle lesson company located on the SandCastle Coast (aka The Emerald Coast of NW Florida). She and her husband, Rick, have created a unique whole family experience while teaching professional tips and techniques of building 3 1/2 foot tall sand castles. Creating Memories in the Sand . . . to last a Lifetime  www.SandCastleLessons.Info

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