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Where did you get the Sand? FAQ #20

Yes people really do ask this question, and you might too if you happened upon a 4-5 ton sand sculpture on the beach standing 6 feet tall.

A:  . For those of you who really must know, the answer is – from the beach. The trick is to shovel the sand from the top layer of sand without digging a hole. There is plenty of sand available on most beaches to build huge sand sculptures without digging any holes.

PS. Holes, and especially tunnels in the sand are VERY – let me emphasize EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Every year children and adults are killed by the sheer weight of sand when it collapses in a tunnel. Many people walk on our beach, lifeguards and other enforcement officers ride the beaches on ATV sometime at night.  Holes create the danger of twisted or broken legs or ankles and possibly a vehicle accident. Holes also cause life threatening obstacle for newly hatched turtles returning to The Gulf of Mexico. Build taller sandcastle but please do not dig holes.where-sand-2