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SandCastle Themed Parties

Party – Par·ty – Pärdē – Parties (plural form)


  1.  a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment. “an engagement party”     synonyms: (social) gathering, (social) function, get-togetheraffaircelebrationafter-partyfestivityreceptionat-home, beach
verb informal

We’ve all been to a party and we all like to party (one way another). But did you know . . . about SandCastle Themed Parties?
The following excerpts were found by searching TripAdvisor Reviews for SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures by the word “birthday”.
5 Bubble Review – A birthday present for my granddaughter
5 Bubble Review – Great experience! You Gotta Try it!  At my age I’m much more into experiences than things, so this was part of my birthday present and Beach Sand Sculptures exceeded my expectations. This is an activity that I think practically anyone of any age would enjoy.
5 Bubble Review –  . . . decided to try the sand castle building for our 5&7 year old kids summer birthdays. Our children along with our 5&8 year old nephews loved the experience. IT WAS so worth it! I would highly suggest it!
5 Bubble Review –  We booked the sandcastle building as a surprise for my son’s 11th birthday, and he said it was the best birthday ever!! (The SandCastle Coach) worked as hard as they did and taught them how to do it on their own. The party was a big hit. We are locals and loved it! It was a great birthday party for my 14 year old!

5 Bubble Review – My wife and I booked a lesson on my birthday (55th). . . . I would highly recommend booking a lesson. It’s well worth the time and money!
5 Bubble Review – My sister, the world traveler, invited us to spend her 50th birthday in Destin. I found this activity through Trip Advisor and thought it would be a great surprise treat. The whole family enjoyed the picture perfect day playing in the sand. When we were 10 floors up later we were amazed at the number of people whom we watched stopping and taking pictures of our castle. A memory to cherish always.
Birthday and other special events need to be remembered – we WANT them to be remembered. Parties of every sort are for creating memories. For the next special day in the life of someone you love – give them a SandCastle Themed Party that will give them a SandCastle Tale to cherish; a story to tell the rest of their lives.

SandCastle Themed Party Options

SandCastle Lesson
Create Memories in the Sand. A two-hour award winning Sandcastle Lesson is a unique quality time experience for the whole family. Our Mobile Units will meet you at your beach. Enjoy learning to build an (approx.) 3 1/2 foot tall sand tower. Sometimes the adults have more fun than the children! We will give you “SandCastle Success” while you create a bit of “SandCastle Envy”. It’s not just a SandCastle Lesson, It will become a party memory to last a lifetime.
What could happen during your SandCastle Lesson
While your family is working on their towers – one or two members of your group, with some direction from your SandCastle Coach(es), can create a sign for your special day.
SandCastle Lesson Party
 Specialty Sand Sculptures
A Professional Specialty Sand Sculptures which begin at $600.00-$1000.00 on the beach. These professionally created sand sculptures require 2 professional sand sculptors to shovel about 3 tons of sand, add approx. 1 ton of water, and carve – about 5 hours.

Schedule your SandCastle Themed Party today; SandCastle Lessons book online OR email for a Specialty Sand Sculpture

Birthday Party (kids and/or adults) – Graduation Party – Bonfire Beach Parties – Bachelorette Party

Just Wanna Have Fun Party

SandCastle Themed Parties for Stories to tell

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