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Sandcastling; The New Word for 2018

Learning new words is great for our mind and when a new word is verb or gerund (in this case), we can make a stronger association by connecting the action with the word to make stronger experience.
Christopher Young writes on in his article, Workout Your Brain By Learning A New Word Every Day, You Will Get Smarter.
Whenever we read, the visual cortex of the brain is stimulated to recognize the words. With continuous practice, our brains get used to connecting images and concepts. This process improves our memory as it helps our brains to recall our learned concepts and connect them with the existing stimuli.
The new words for 2018 is “sandcastling”

(gerund) verb tense

  1. the action of creating memories in the sand while building sand castles esp. in the beautiful sand of Florida’s Emerald Coast. Taking a SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures to build taller (3 1/2 foot tall sand towers); during vacation, spring break, fall break, winter break, year round, family friendly activity, special occasions, birthdays, anniversary, wedding, etc.

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Beach Sand Sculptures is a professional sand sculpting company creating projects for any and every event imaginable. Annually teaching hundreds of SandCastle Lessons, Beach Sand Sculptures is the world’s largest and most experienced sand castle lessons company. Creating Memories in the Sand . . . to Last a Lifetime.